CRC Testimonial for Nick

RE: Nick Myerhoff Real Estate Broker

I worked with Nick on a transaction involving a 10,500 square foot commercial and work/live mixed-use building on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland, CA. Knowing the business in which my company is involved, Nick, representing the seller of this property, presented the opportunity and all of his ideas regarding possible uses and redevelopment potential. There were many complexities to this transaction, including an in-progress seismic retrofit to the property, a disputed easement due to past errors in title, storm drain and sewer connection issues, many city code violations, and the fact that certain units within the building had been constrained by the Ellis Act. Despite all of this, Nick knew how to navigate and solve these issues. Nick has a strong attention to detail and is passionate about his work. This purchase transaction would not have been completed without Nick’s hard work.

John Cappiello

John Cappiello, Vice President & Co-Founder, CRC Development, LLC

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