Nick helped us buy our first commercial real estate. he is knowledgeable and kind. any questions i had, he answered quickly, and even if he didnt have the answer, he would direct me to the right person to ask. the properties he managed are in great shape and fair prices. i would use him again for both real estate buying and property management.

Tony K.

Nick helped our investors close a commercial property. He guided everyone throughout the transaction and ensured all the proper documents and modifications completed on time.

Nick is a very knowledgeable and helpful broker. We would recommend Nick to anyone looking for a real estate transaction.

P.Park, Oakland


Though my lease is soon up, I have found Nick to be VERY sensitive and responsive to my needs as a renter in one of the Oakland buildings he manages.  He has lived up to his commitments, works diligently to resolve the maintenance issues, and has never been too busy to resolve any and all of the minor challenges of managing a large complex.

Nick is a man of high integrity (a very rare characteristic these days) who lives up to his tenants’ expectations for responsiveness!


“I am a Real Estate investor and have been dealing with Nick for the last three years.
He is knowledgeable, responsive and very persistent.
When he is negotiating on my behalf to either acquire or sell a property, I know that the job will get done with the best terms possible for me.
I am sure this relationship will continue for many years to come.”

George, San Jose

“Nick Myerhoff helped us buy an apartment building in San Francisco. It took many months as we changed our focus over and over, but Nick stuck with it, he was aggressive and diligent. He got us into 1st position in a tough market by moving quickly and being excellent with broker rapport. We closed without a hitch and he always had our best interests in mind. After we closed Nick introduced us to excellent support crew to handle property management. We would strongly recommend using him for commercial real estate transactions, he really knows the market and he is strategically focused and capable.” -Roger B. Alameda CA

“I have to admire the way you work Nick. You are very concise and thorough”
-Adonis Torres, San Fransicso

We hired Myerhoff & Associates to take over management of our 8 unit property after many years of doing it ourselves. When we had a sewer back up and flooding inside the units recently, Nick was there to help and we were so grateful to have him in our lives during that catastrophe. He knew exactly what to do because as a property owner, he had been through it before. He relocated the tenants, contracted with the right remediation company and re-rented the unit at a higher rate very quickly. Myerhoff and his staff are extremely patient with us and always pay attention to the things that are important to us. If it’s important to us, it becomes important to them.
David and Barbara Bradley- Oakland

“As a buyer in the East Bay market, I am thankful to have been represented by Nick. Armed with a strong understanding of the SF Bay Area, Nick consistently demonstrates his worth when entering negotiations on my behalf. He takes the time to discuss investment goals and consistently checks in to ensure he is proactively pursuing your best interests. As a first time homebuyer and a private investor in the multi-family industry, I am consistently impressed by his high level of integrity and relentless efforts.”

J. Stevick


Hi Nick-
We want to thank you for all of your expertise, effort and service you provided us with our first Oakland multi-family/multi-parcel purchase. Your knowledge and advice during the purchase process was extremely valuable and very much appreciated. Keeping us on track and focusing on the “big picture” as you say, was very helpful. We could have easily spent hours of sleepless nights dwelling on little issues that turned out to be nothing.

Since the close, your assistance has actually increased! Your references of tradesmen, advice on rents, remodeling projects, tenant screening and marketing has been priceless. Your willingness to help us become more successful is a treasure to us. Your advice and friendship is greatly appreciated.
Diana & Marc Corker


“You seem to have more energy and just work harder than the other brokers”

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 6.09.36 AM

-Lillie Jue, El Cerrito


“I really appreciate that you are looking out for every dollar for us” 

-Luis DaSilva, San Leandro


Testimonial for Nick Myerhoff from Mike C.

Nick represented me on a complex apartment building in San Francisco with very problematic rent control problems and associated financing issues.  During the course of the deal I was able to acquire the property, negotiate tenant buyouts, and arrange 2-year seller financing with Nick playing a  crucial role helping to manage communications. Today the property has been renovated and both the revenue and value of the property have jumped significantly.

I would have no problems working on deal together in the future.

-Mike C.

“I trust you Nick, I know you want what is best for me and my family” 

-Ms. Torres, San Francisco


“You are one of the few brokers who has shown me something interesting in a long time”

-Mr. Lee, Oakland


“I thank you a thousand times over for completing my exchange”

-Mark Skolnick, Richmond

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