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Nick Myerhoff is a Bay Area apartment market specialist. He owns and operates his own multi-family real estate and assists clients and prospects with their purchases and exchanges of residential commercial real estate in the bay area.

Time to Imagine a New Telegraph Avenue That’s Safer and Promotes Business.

The Telegraph Avenue streetscape improvement project from 2005 is getting additional consideration. Not only would it reduce pollution & traffic, it would promote health by offering a safe alternative to driving. There is a bike lane and improved sidewalk access. … Continue reading

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How to time the real estate market

Data speaks 10 times louder than opinions. I heard this award winning author economist speak in a new way about real estate investing. His completely numbers driven approach to investing went against everything I had learned. It piqued my curiosity … Continue reading

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Jerry Brown’s 10k Project

When Mr. Jerry Brown was sworn in office in 1999 as Oakland mayor, one of the first steps which he took was to unveil “Economic vision 10k” for the residents of Oakland. He laid down the vision and implementation road … Continue reading

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Cost Segregation a Smart Move for Businesses

Cost segregation is a relatively new practice that allows businesses to divide a building into multiple asset classes. Specifically, it is a tax planning strategy for both owners and renters that identifies tax savings and uses accelerated depreciation deductions to … Continue reading

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S&P/ Case-Shiller Home Prices Continue Decline

While apartment building values are not driven by the same market factors that move housing prices, there is an undeniable correlation between the two asset classes. When single family home prices begin to slow, apartment building owners should take notice. Home prices … Continue reading

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Story of the 3 Day Close!

Last week I closed the fastest deal of my life, in just three days! That is not to say that this was a goal of mine but here is how the story unfolded. I met a new client named Ken … Continue reading

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1031 Exchanges and Extensions

1031 Exchanges and Extensions Due dates for completing a 1031 Exchange are hard and fast, usually. Once you close on the sale of  a property, you’ve got 45 days to identify a new property and 180 days to complete the close of a replacement property.  In … Continue reading

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Telegraph Temescal and Uptown Apartments

This outstanding apartment unit was renovated and turned over by Nick Myerhoff and Myerhoff & Associates. Rents went from $950/mo to $1575/mo. The project took approximately 30 days at a cost of $8900. This small studio apartment was also turned … Continue reading

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Searching for the Lost Oakland Culture in New Oakland

Oakland, California, located on the west coast, has been considered as the effective center that merges and portrays the rich culture of Africans with Americans. In the early Fifties Oakland was an entertainment hub and later during the Sixties with … Continue reading

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Telegraph Ave Renovated Units

Excellent 1 bedroom with loft, renovated This property was a target of mine starting about five to ten years ago. It’s a unique 1920’s style three story building right across the street from Alta Bates Medical Center in Oakland on … Continue reading

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