“I want a good deal at a reasonable price”

A prospect e-mailed me today and said “”I want a good deal at a reasonable price”. I thought to myself isn’t this what everybody wants?

As a long time real estate buyer I know the exact frustration that ensues when a buyer is on a search and just cannot find anything good. This is most often the case. Here was my response:

1) Have a professional looking for you (like me) and make sure that person takes great notes about exactly what you are looking for.

2) Be ready to jump the second you see what you are looking for. Have your cash in hand, your vesting thought through and your loan approved.

3) Be absolutely clear about what you want so that you will know it when you see it. Put this all on paper in as much detail as possible.

4) Be flexible. You may never find the PERFECT property. But if its 85% there that is generally should be good enough.

5) Be patient. It takes time to find a great product in any market.

If you are reading this and looking for commercial real estate then call me to discuss how I can help you do it.

About BayApartmentBroker

Nick Myerhoff is a Bay Area apartment market specialist and property manager. He owns and operates his own multi-family portfolio and assists clients and prospects with their purchases and exchanges of commercial real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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